Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is my grandma isn't she pretty. I just lover her to death. I spent a lot and I mean a lot of time at my grandmas. She always had fun stuff and not so fun stuff to do. The fun things were watching old movies, making and painting rock people, coloring, showing us some special things and telling us stories about her or us or ancestors, eating chocolates and other homemade goodies, watching her whip out an amazing cake for someone birthday, picnics on the noel or just a walk, blankets she sewed for us. Needless to say my grandma is amazing. I have truly been blessed to be her granddaughter. Oh and the not so fun things where picking up pine cones and pulling weeds in her amazing backyard. But we did get a penny a pine cone and weed. So then we would walk through the pasture to my great grandmas and stop and say hi and see if she needed anything at the store. Then we would walk to the store and get ice cream with the money we made. And some carmel that my great grandma made. I love my childhood. And I love you grandma. You are one women I hope to be like someday. The other people in the picture are left my sister Paige and grandma Clawson and Jessica my cusin.
Things You Didn't Know About Me Till Now

1.What color is your tooth brush? White and green. It's electric and I would brush my teeth all day if I could. I love it!
2. What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Talking to my sister in law. Love ya lyns!
3. What is your favorite candy bar? baby ruth or twix, but my mood for candy is always changing.
4. What is the last thing you said aloud? No we can't play rockband. Because it is broken. (which it is it makes me so mad. We just got it and the xbox can't read the dic. It can read all our other game just not the one I really want to play.)
6. What is the best ice cream flavor? Chocolate ice cream with carmel swerls and chocolate covored peacans. It is called bear claw. Sadly the last time I had it I was living in Montana. I can find it hear. I you have it get it it's sooo goood. it has a bear on the box. Sorry i can't tell you more.
7. What is the last thing you had to drink? water. I love water, pop always make my eyes water and leaves me thristier.
8. What are you wearing right now? skinny jeans (such sadly don't look so skinny) a white shirt and a maroon sweater.
9. What was the last thing you ate? Fried rice and apple strudle which I made. Yummy!
10. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? No I wish!
11. When was the last time you ran? Last week sometime
12. Do you take vitamins daily? no, I should though.
14. Do you go to church every Sunday? yes, and for some reason I am always one of those Mormons who is actually on time. Jared hates to be late for anything.
15. Do you like Chinese food over pizza? If the pizza if Rosas or Papa murphies I am there. Rosas is a pizza place in my home town Bigfork Montana. If you ever go there stop and have a bite.
17. Do you drink soda with a straw? don't drink it that much. But I guess a straw would be in it if I did. Or it would be in a bottle..I love rootbeer in the glass bottles seems to taste better ?
18. What are you doing tomorrow? Just laundry probably if I don't procrasinte. Which I probably wont.
19. Look to your left, what do you see? A wall.
23. What color is your favorite pair of shoes? silver
24. Do you use chap stick? yes, Berts bees is my favorite. Some kinds make my lips plump up and I don't like it. I think I am allergic.
25. Whats your favorite thing to do in your free time? read, watch old movies or chick flicks sometimes action if it is one I really like, or bake. Wich angain is probably why the skinny jeans aren't skinny.
26. Last guy you talked on the phone with?Jared
27. Any fun vacation plans soon? going to Dallas in June to see Justin's family
28.Can you say the alphabet backwards? no, don't care to if I a going to be honest.
29. Do any of your friends have children? Yep, and it so funny to think only years ago we were in Highschool and College being total nerds and pondering our future with husbands and kids. My friend Kriti and I used to play our own verion of the life game and we would play it ever time I spent the night. I think I still have some of the papers we had from that game. ha! Plus Lindsy and Ashlee and I would talk about it sometimes too. When you were little you just thought I am going to marry a handsome man and have kids and it was going to be like in the movies "happly ever after". It seemed so far away then, almost laughable. How the time flies by.
30. Do you use the word Hello daily? Yes I suppose I do.
31. How did you get your worst scar? never had any until having kids, and my battle wounds are my horrendous stretch marks. Not only on my belly but on the back of my cafes. I don't know anyone else that that has happened to.
32What is your favorite smell? fresh out of the bath baby's and peonies they both smell so good.
33. What is the last DVD you watched? The Philadafia story.
34. What is your favorite number? 7 and I am sure there are a ton of people who would say the same thing. I don't know why I like it? I don't gambel or anything.
35. Do you toast your pop tarts? yes, my favorites are blueberry and brown sugar and cookie dough which sounds just gross enought to be deliouse.
36. Have you ever waited tables? no, but Dairy Queen was kind of fun. I worked with some friends. I loved the smore galor. But they don't make it anymore.
37. Where did you have your first kiss? I think it was on a school bus..I think it was the time I said "eeww". Fist real kiss I guess.
38 What should you be doing? cleaning or at lest making the boy clean up their toys. Before we go to the park.
39. Do you enjoy wasting time blogging? sadly yes
40. I tag anyone else who is bored, enjoys tags, or likes wasting time blogging:)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tyson's First Kind Of Sleepover.

The truth is Tyson and everyone else sleep but Toby (Tyson's Friend) Who Jared ended up taking home at 2:30 in the morning. But he said he wasn't scared or anything but he just couldn't sleep. When Jared got back Tyson woke up and was like "where is Toby?" So we told him he wanted to go home so dad took him. And Tyson was all "thats not fair" and started to cry. I felt bad but I didn't want Toby to be all tromatised from staying the night at our house when it wasn't fun for him. But they had fun before bed, they played games on the wii and watched cartoons. They had a lot of fun. I think Toby was just nervous being at someone else house at night. He hasn't spent the night anywhere, where Tyson spends the nights at his grandma quite a bit. The LOVE to spend the night at grandmas. Derek and Tyson beg her every weekend it seems "Please grandma, please grandma" Eventually she gives in if she doesn't have anything going on in the morning the next day. The softy! ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Done deal.

Aren't they all just so cute?
Well I decided that I should take the last post off. Don't think Mr.x would like it to much. Being shut down and all. But I guess it could have been worse I could have kissed him and the said "EEWWW" which I actually did do some someone else.( you know that story don't you Kristi) ;) But anyway sometimes you just get into remembering mode and it is hard to shut it off. I had a lot of great times. All and all I think I have a pretty great life up to this point. I don't really have any regrets..well maybe one. But it wasn't a boy or anything like that just hurting someones feelings which I don't like doing at all. Well anyway yesterday I helped out with new beginnings in young women's. I had to give a talk. I always feel pretty good about my talk when preparing it. But then I get so nervous giving it I hardly look up. Anyway we had a chocolate fountain which I have one and if I could I would have you all over right now...well the people I know anyway. But we are all so far away. maybe someday. But here are some pictures from yesterday. And for Kristi my sherly temple hair which finally calmed down by the end of the day. It was good I did it so early in the day. Or I would have looked like a total dork.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well these are some pictures from my last catering job. It was a lot of fun. I love all the girls I work with they are all just a blast to be around. My boss is amazing she is just so fun and spunky. I am so glad my friend Brooke got me in to this job it is a lot of fun. I have been doing it for a few years now. It is great. Hard work but it still is a lot of fun.