Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tag I am it!!

Well I was supposed to tell 6 things you may not know about me.

1. Well like my friend Linz I wasn't such a great swimmer either I about drown 3 time also, but they were all on the same day. I was little but as some of you my know I have an uncle who is 6 months older then me. So he could swim and he was jumping off the diving broad and going down the slid all this fun stuff. I on the other hand was confined to the stares. I was sick of it so I was determined to swim. So I jumped off the stares and then I just sank. So my mom pulled me out. I lay ed on the pavement by her for a little bite and then I decided to try again. Down to the bottom I went. So mom pulled me out again. Then next time I decided I would just ride on the big blow up alligators. WE all know that they tip easily, but kids don't know that. So flip in the water staring up at my mom as she pulled me out again. Needless to say I didn't get to swim anymore that day.

2. Like Ashlee I also did Hula! WOO HOO shake those hips!!

3. Modeling too...nothing big....really nothing that great at the mall. :)
4. Ash and I and some other friends used to make ourselves pass out. But Ash went in convolutions once. Scared me so bad. I would never let her or myself do it again. (It was so stupid anyway I don't know what we were thinking)
5. I gave birth to Derek all nature. wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. When I was in the Kalispell Hospital with Tyson my first I heared people screaming and yelling I was really getting freaked out thinking. "What have I done!"
6. I let Ashlee take the blame for things I did when we were little. She never told on me though. Sorry about that Ash!!

Loves to Sing only nature it is the state song right?

Well things are going great here at the Smith house. Derek is trying out the undies so we will see how that goes. We are trying to get our Christmas lights out on the roof. So far I have gotten then on the garage where I was able to reach. But as for the house fat chance I am doing the steep monster along. But hopefully we will get them up this week. Tomorrow is Jared's work Christmas party. Should be fun. Nice to get out by ourselves once in awhile. Well that is all my blogg'n news for today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spelling and Grammer? Whats that?

So Yeah I forgot spell check. But I just had one more thing to add about my fun, fun time with Ash. We went to Ikea(So awesome by the way) Then on the way home we run out of gas. ha ha so funny. Not to mention the neighbor friend Ash had waved at earlier stoped to see if we are alright. Nope we ran out of gas. Now how stupid do we look. :) It was funny though. At lest it wasn't my car. It looks worse when your the one driving your own car. (Have to give you a hard time ASH) Needless to say Dave came to the rescue. Thanks Dave!!

Well Thanksgiving has come to an end. Which I can say I am glad to be back home at my own house. Just wish it was a little closer to family. I am glad to see Jareds family again though. They are awesome. I did have tons of fun on our 16 hr drive out to Utah, it was an adventure thats for sure. Taking turns sleeping and driving. Way to much fun. squaling tires when you about miss your excites and your hubby yelling "Thats it Thats it!!". Well we deffenatly have tons of stories to laugh about on our road trips. None are with out some sort of drama.

Getting there and seeing family is that best. Going to the chocolate show was so much fun to do with Ash. She was making me laugh the whole time. I think I bring out the best spaze in her. We always have fun together when hanging out. I can honstly say that my sister has always been my best friend. She is always there for me. Whether it was when we were little and I would try and be brave and watch tales of the cript with me dad. (you want to show him how brave you are) And then being totally freeked out after. Ash would let me sleep in her bed. We have always been there for eachother. I just love ya Ash!

Anyway to get back to the trip we had t0ns of fun and food. We had a great time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These are the handsome boys I was talking about. They are such great boys. Don't get me wrong they have their bad days too. But for the most part they are great boys. What hacks me off is when I am at the store or somewhere in public someone has to tell me "oooh you must have your hands full." When I tell them they are actually really good. They look at you like "yeah I bet they are(wink wink nod nod)" No they really are good boys. I would know I am with them all the time and I have baby sat other peoples kids my whole life. I would know my kids are angles compared to some peoples kids. Believe me I have baby sat a few little shits in my day. (sorry but that is just the best word to describe these kids) So don't give me the all knowing look like poor little teenage mom whose kids probably all have different dads. Because I get that look all the time. I am 25 people not 16 like a lot of people think in this town. Most of the world doesn't want to be having kids in high school. Like they do sad is that. I feel bad for the girls that are. Yeah they will have a beautiful baby, but they loose their time to be teenagers. They go from little kids to moms an adult. GIRLS don't do it!!! Wait till you are older have fun while you can. Don't get me wrong kids are great, but not at your age. You will want to go and hang out with friends and you wont be able to because you have this little person that needs you.

Sorry for my rant! I guess I just needed to get that out. And all you Old fokes in my town I amd married and all the kids are his and I am 25. Ok..Ok.

Blog on...I guess!

Well seeing how everyone is now starting blogs I was starting to feel left out. So I decided to start a blog of my own. Woo HOO!! So exciting. Today was Tyson's Veterans program sadly enough in my filming all you could see was a top of a perfectly round head and a little arm waving a flag. You couldn't see his cute little face. Though he sings his songs all the time at home.
We have three boys Tyson is 4 and Derek is 3 and Bennett is 10 months. They are all good boys and all different. Different in personality not looks. Jared is the dad of all three. :) Tyson is more serious. and Derek is a spaze. Always making some faces that are bound to make you giggle. Bennett is just plan cute. You just want to kiss his juicy cheeks till you can't get enough.