Thursday, August 12, 2010

Utah TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!! So FUN!!

Jace with Sethers
Benz playing in the sand.

3 Handsome boys.

My little sud muffin.

Me and my bro Bryan.

Mom and Thomas.

Chloe and Brynn.

Jared and Seth.

Mom, Ashlee, Paige, Me.

Swimming at the homestead.

So fun and so warm. It's a hot spring. And it is like a dome over the whole thing.

The entrance to the hot spring.

Paige and me.

Girls day out!!

Luck and Derek shared a Birthday.

Handsome boy!

Best Ice cream when you are little. Play dough is what it is called.

My handsome bro Bryan. Doing the Zoolander.

Allie, Chloe, Brynn, Tyson, Derek, Bennett.

Well we had a great trip. It is always great to see the fam. IT was so much fun riding down or across I should say with the Thackers. They made the trip so fun. I loved Emmalee's mom too. The nicest lady you will ever meet. And her brother and future wife were awesome too. The ride down was great. We did a lot of fun things it was all just awesome. Bear lake was a blast even Jared liked it. And he was freezing most of the time. Because he didn't believe me when I said it gets cold so he didn't pack even a jacket. The trip was super fun and made even more fun when Jared was with us. You just miss your hubby so much when they aren't around. You don't sleep good and you envy everyone who has there hubby by there side. What can I say I love that man! All in all we had a great time, but it was nice to get back home to our own beds.