Saturday, May 7, 2011


I looked Bugged which I was because Jared kept goosing me every chance he got.

Same thing is happening here. He is such a butt head sometimes.

I can't Believe I have a 8 year old already. I feel so old. What makes me feel the most old is when babies you baby sat are married and having kids. It's crazy!

Anyway Tyson was really nervous for some reason. But he did good. Derek gave the opening prayer and Megan and Rhonda did the talks. Everyone was great. While Tyson and Jared got dressed the primary (which is pretty much the Smiths, Alleys, and the Thackers) sang songs. It was cute and very good.

Tyson I want you to know how proud of you I am. You are such a sweet and tender hearted guy. Always thinking of others and I love that about you. You are such a big helper too. Thanks for being such a good example to your brothers. We all love you so dang much.

Happy Birthday To Emily

I hope Emily had a good birthday. She didn't want cake not even cheese cake (crazy I know). But we always make this chex mix when we have our movie nights together. So that is what she wanted... so I worked me magic and made it into a cake of sorts. It was yummy but harder to break up.

I just want Em to know that I love her guts and she is such a sweet and BEAUTIFUL girl. I am so lucky to be in the Smith family. We all love you!