Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Fall Break!

I had a great birthday and the boys were so sweet. We are having a great weekend too. Aunt Megan and uncle Norm came down. We got to see a little of uncle Adam on his way through to TX. We went to where the wild things are. I wouldn't recommend it. Tyson was silently balling through part of it. To the point he couldn't even talk and tell me what was wrong. But when he finally could tell me he said "it was because everyone was being so mean to each other in the movie." He is the sweetest tender hearted kid. I just love him to death. I mean how cute is that.
Notice Derek has his shirt off in both pictures. Typical Derek as soon as he gets home from school his backpack comes off, coat, shows me his folder and then his shirt comes off. He is so funny I don't know why he likes to run around with his shirt off. What can I say I love my boys so much. And My hubby too. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Family pictures

Here are a few pictures my uncle took of us when we were in Ut last. As if you couldn't tell I am the fat one in the family. But I get a little break because I am pregnant in the pic..but only a little one.

Don't get me wrong..I am excited!

Just so you all know I am very excited to have another boy. Though I have to admit I totally thought it was a girl too. I don't want this baby boy to think I wasn't excited about having him, because I am VERY excited and happy.

But yesterday I was cleaning out my closet and for those that know me know that I make hair bows for little girls. So over a period of time I have kept some of my favorite hair bows, and had them hagging in my closet hopping to use them one day. Well I didn't see the point of having them in there any more. I needed the room to hang my necklaces. So I was packing them up. And as I was packing them I kept sniffing, because I still have a little bit of a cold. And Jared kept asking if I was ok and I said yeah. He asked me three times and on the third time for whatever reason I just started balling like a baby. I was all " I don't think I will ever get to use these bows." It was so out of now where that it blow me away. That I was balling over this silly thing. When I am so excited to have a boy. ( I know what to do with boys) I was being totally irrational. I have only been like that one other time. It was when I was pregnant with my 3rd and I was making a breakfast casserole so yummy. It has ham, Swiss cheese, eggs, cream and Parmesan cheese. (Lisa knows what I am talking about.) Anyway I have made this before for Jared. So I thought there would be no problem when I asked him to go to the store and buy me some Swiss cheese. But when he comes back he has the processed Kraft Swiss cheese singles. SO not what I wanted. I just started balling and saying it isn't going to taste right and it was so stupid. I later apologized to Jared because it was way nice of him to even go back to town after he just got home from work to even get the cheese. But sometime being pregnant makes you cry over the stupidest things.