Saturday, July 30, 2011


Cute cabin in Glacier.

Allen's cabin on Flathead lake.

Jared and boys on paddle boat on Flathead lake.(Seth was set in for picture we didn't paddle him around with out life jacket. Just so you know Allen)

I finally got to head to my home town on Bigfork after 8 years. Can you believe it, 8 years?? I can't, but that is how long it has been. I had a reunion but I didn't make it. I didn't have Internet to find out the address. But all is good. We had a blast with family and friends. Saw some old friends from Canada. Actually Tyson was my prom date senior year. (yeah we imported our dates.) They were a blast to hang out with. We were all good friends, nothing more. So if your getting any ideas about my son being named Tyson too... it is just a great name. Jared was giving me a hard time about that one. lol But we had so much fun. But I wanted to tell Allen thanks again for letting us stay. It is such an awesome place. We loved it and so did the boys. Dad and Bryan it was fun just hanging out and chit chatting. Glacier was fun even though we had some car sick boys. The views were worth it. And thanks for taking them to that play place it was the high light of the trip for them.

All in all I am grateful I got to have some of my childhood there in Bigfork. It is beautiful and has changed a lot since I was there last. It's funny how in your head things stay the same. When in reality life goes on. I do wish I could have made it to the reunion. But maybe next time. I was surprised I didn't run into anyone one from school.