Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well lately I have been trying my hand a sewing. I think I did pretty good. Though I think I will get better with time. My friend Brooke and I have been sewing girl clothes...and though I don't have a girl she does. SO I am just holding out that I will someday get a girl and if not...lets hope my sister Ashlee does. Because lets face it girl clothes are a lot more fun then boys. Though I still get a thrill at seeing my boys in the handsome clothes I have picked out. I have also been working on hair bows for friends and myself sadly enough, just can't stop holding out hope that I will actually get to use them. So if I don't I want to have these dang cute bows I have made. Plus I made a bow to match the shirt I made.

Also would like to try to make something like this. I just think it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Want to make..and soon.

Brooke made this for her little girl's Birthday which is July 4Th. She has a little 4th of July crown and everything. It is going to be so cute!

This is the shirt and bow(with a little help from Brooke)I made.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun in the SUN at the Park

And I got in on the swinging action. But not for to long, it makes me sick weird I know....and No I'm not pregnant Ashlee. :)

hmm..guess who else loves swinging. He also loves to suck on his bottom lip.

Derek and his blue eyes. He loves to swing.

Tyson on the swings. With is beautiful blue eyes, like his dads.

Here is what Oklahoma looks like for those who my not know. This was taken at Rianne's look out...or what I lovingly call Rianne's look out. As you can see it just keeps going. You can see so far. Woodward is more hilly then the rest of Oklahoma.

Work & Play in the Yard

Me and my boys!

Bennett always in action. He loves being outside.

Derek riding his bike. He has gotten really good. Where as Tyson doesn't even want to try.

Tyson eating grapes.

This is the boys on the porch.

Well we just had a day of playing in the yard. Derek has been wearing a fleece jacket and a black cowboy hat and holding a purple broken necklace, that is his whip. Because he is "Freddie and the Jones" which is interpreted into Indiana Jones. He rides his bike and hums or sings the theme song.

Dad took them to Khufu panda. They loved it but now it is a constant brawl at our house. They keep fighting and fighting. They have had some time staring at the corner. But for the most part they have been great boys, and loving summer.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not our normal Sunday.

Well today we didn't have church. I got a call about 6:00am telling me that we weren't having Church, because a pipe broke and flooded the church. Sadly they just put new carpet in a few weeks ago. Someone must not be doing what they should. jk lol.

So Jared had to work anyway. But the boys and I are cleaning what we didn't get done yesterday and are watching some wholesome movies such as star wars.;) I put some pictures of how the boys were watching the movie, and Bennett playing peek a boo in the curtains. Plus my lovely self and Bennett.