Monday, July 5, 2010

The Smith Fantabulastical Fourthaganza!!

Doughnut Look Like Fun!!!

Seeing h9w I couldn't be at the annual Clawson family fantabulastical fourthaganza. We had to make our own. Though all the Clawson Clan was sourly missed. (love you all) Our 3rd was a few races. 1st was the just run to the line as fast as you can. Bennett took 2nd in his age group. So did Derek. Tyson got the green ribbon for being in the race. I think he was barley 5th place but no ribbon for that.(only fourth, but he had a huge group) Then they had sack races which Benz and Derek didn't want to do. (Derek was going to but he went with the wrong group and was embarrassed so he didn't want to after that) Tyson got another green ribbon. Then it was the three legged race. Toby and Tyson got 2nd. Derek and Eil got 1st. And they were SO excited but they were the only ones in that race. Because it started to pour down rain. But it was super cute how excited they were. Then they quickly tried to do the turtle races Tyson's turtle got 2nd and Derek's wouldn't move. Derek was annoyed about that. Then socking wet we went to the car and home to change. And then headed to grandma's. Jared took all the boys so we could go shopping. It was fun. ( I had Seth with me..make it a little easier on the guy) Then later that night Jared watched the boys again while all the girls went to Eclipse movie. It was a lot of fun. Then when I got home Jared took Tyson and Derek to the fireworks. Benz was asleep. They had fun but ended up having to watch in the car they were so close the ash was falling down on them. While we were at the movies Jared took them to game stop, and while in there Benz had to go to the bathroom. So he had to load them all back up and run over to walmart. And while he was helping Benz go to the bathroom Benz said "I love you dad.....don't be grumpy." Jared thought that was the cutest thing. And told him he wouldn't be grumpy.