Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School!!

First day of school! I can't believe it is already here, and that I only have one boy home. It was cute how excited they all were. Derek was a great big brother showing Benz where to go. They all said they had a great day and they loved their teachers. Heck I love their teachers they are all great. Two we know because Tyson or Derek had them before. They are super duper teachers I am thrilled with who they got.

Benz had a little bit of a mix up at lunch. He grabbed the wrong lunch bag. Aunt Petra was working at the school so she went over the tell him to hurry and eat. And looked at his lunch and it was a bag of cookies a half full water bottle and chips just thrown in. And she was like this doesn't look like a lunch your mom would make you. So she looked around the table and said that one looks like one she would make and sure enough it was. But by then that sandwich was already gone. But if it was the kid's whose lunch Benz got. I can't say I begrudge him the sandwich poor kid. I guess at lest there were cookies in it. But all the boys had fun and were happy to see me and tell me about their day.

Seth and I miss the boys and were glad to have them all back home. I love my boys!!

The picture of Seth is kind of sad and cute at the same time. Sad because he basically cried himself to sleep. And cute because... well look at him. He's a cute boy.

He was wanting to go in the basement with me, but I was cleaning up a flood mess and didn't want him playing in it. It was so gross and smelly. I am glad it is done and taken care of and wont have to worry about it happening again.


Lindsey and Adam said...

Wow! Such cute kids. I can't believe school is starting already.

Linsy said...

That's crazy you only have one left at home! That picture is so cute! So, we totally need to get a hold of eachother and catch up! It's been way to long and I miss your face!